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Your company’s interior color speaks volumes about your establishment. Compared to picking a color for your home, where color is primarily choice, there is more to take into account when choosing a color for the interior of your business.

Once you’ve settled on a stylistic heading for your business and set up a budget, your next decision will probably be what colors to use to bring your vision to life and relay it to your customers. You could start by searching for photos of businesses and sites with a color plan you like. Don’t be afraid to ask your workers, friends, and family for their opinions as well. Sherwin Williams has some handy tools to assist with color selection that you may find helpful.

If you’re struggling to find a color that you feel best presents you and your business, consider the effects that certain colors can have on your visitors.

Best Colors for Your Business’s Interior

Blue: Blue is a neutral color used in many different types of business enterprises. Dark hues like navy have a relaxing effect that is great for waiting rooms and dentist’s offices. Many business owners feel you can’t go wrong with blue and it’s hard to argue that they’re wrong.

Green: Green is also a neutral and calming color but can bring a bit more life to a room than some blues can. Green paint is common in retail stores and conference rooms, provoking an effective and encouraging working environment.

White: White is also one of the most common colors found in restaurants and other types of businesses. Lobbies, corner offices, waiting areas, white – and variations of it like cream and pearl – add to an area by enabling other objects and highlights to take on a more prominent purpose. While white is considered one of the prettiest colors you can try for your business, it’s also easily dirtied and takes extra maintenance.

Other Colors to Consider

Orange: While the above colors are prominent in businesses, you may want to prefer something a little more one of a kind to stand out. Orange is a color that provokes imagination. This makes orange a great idea for businesses that are involved in marketing, advertising, and other creative spaces.

Red: Even though red is routinely avoided in business due to the relationship with anger, the correct hue of red may bring life to your organization. While bright red can be overwhelming, utilizing a lighter tone, or perhaps a darker color like maroon can add a distinctive layer to your business.

Purple: Purple is another color that needs to be used sparingly. While violet is great for some industries, it can be the wrong fit for others. Hotel lobbies, night clubs, casinos, and boutiques are a few businesses that can pull off purple, while more professional areas like medical firms and law offices are better suited for a color that isn’t quite as over the top.

Choosing the right color for your organization’s interior is complicated but don’t let the difficult decisions outdo the enjoyment. Your business will look better than ever with its new paint job, especially when using the professional commercial painters at Temecula Painters.

Ready to give your company a new look or need assistance selecting a color? Give them a call today and get started!